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Man and woman ride in an autonomous vehicle
Woman smiles riding in an autonomous vehicle

Our Purpose

Nexmobi is a nonprofit located in Peoria, Illinois. We aim to create a robust ecosystem of autonomous mobility providers and users that establishes the Greater Peoria region as a nexus for advanced mobility solutions and investments.

Our vision is to drive increased economic growth in the Greater Peoria region.

Our mission is to create an innovation lab for testing new autonomous mobility technologies and solutions that lead to profitable business opportunities.

Our Offer

Working with AutonomouStuff as our key technical partner, Nexmobi provides open-source turnkey autonomous mobility systems customized to the requirements of customer companies that wish to investigate critical commercial issues arising from the growing presence of autonomous vehicles that impact their business in the medium and long term.

Key elements of a turnkey system include:
  • Creating the digital high-definition, 3D map of the pilot route
  • Installing beacons and sensors at intersections to communicate information to the vehicle
  • Deploying a fully capable and customized autonomous vehicle on the route
  • Collecting and sharing the data coming off the vehicle with the partner company
  • Teaching the partner company about the technology so they can enhance and customize their study.

Our Initiatives

Nexmobi has two major initiatives planned for 2019

Autonomous Mobility Pilot

In conjunction with AutonomouStuff, of Morton, Illinois, we will be deploying a number of autonomous vehicles in downtown Peoria, Illinois during the summer of 2019 as a demonstration of our capabilities and offering. We are also working with a number of companies participating in this pilot as sponsors and technology partners.

Autonomous Mobility Conference

In conjunction with the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association based in Chicago, Illinois, we are planning to host an autonomous mobility conference in Peoria, Illinois in early October 2019 that examines autonomous vehicle platforms (V2V, V2I and V2X) and the interoperability between them.

Our Partners

Nexmobi is working hard to establish a broad network of partners and collaborators  to realize our vision. Current support comes from local government, academic, non-profit, and for-profit organizations.

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